Well… Claire and I have been baptized into the world of parenthood. No, I’m not talking about being sprayed with Brendan’s fire hose during a change. This happened long ago. Up until last night we had not had to pull an all nighter because Little B had been fussing. All night turned into a very long day. We noticed that he was a little warm around 10:30 pm and was running a small fever (99 degrees). We were not concerned too much after doing research on the internet and discovered not unusual for babies to run slight fevers. Then at 6:00 am we took is temp again. This time it was 102.. Now, it was time to call the clinic. After talking to the doctor that called us back, it was decided we would bring him into the clinic. Before leaving for the hospital it had jumped to 103.7. NOT GOOD. Log story short, B was admitted to the hospital for at least overnight to run some tests, get IV fluids, and some antibiotics.

It’s never fun to watch your child suffer or get poked with needles. Shortly after Brendan was admitted and in his hospital room, we overheard a doctor in the hallway. The doctor was introducing himself to someone and said “Hi, I’m from the organ transplant team”. This sort of put things in perspective for us. It could be a lot worse. Hopefully, he’ll be able to come home tomorrow.

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