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The soon to be released unofficial comic book 283283_10150290813447497_601057496_7600733_2923725_s CrossFit Games 2011 285032_10150290813887497_601057496_7600736_5937777_s CrossFit Games 2011
267262_10150290814387497_601057496_7600739_2054572_s CrossFit Games 2011 Some women claiming she worked for CF HQ told me it was more important for her to get a photo... the nerve. Women starting the swim
283565_10150290819277497_601057496_7600774_1789475_s CrossFit Games 2011 250230_10150290819777497_601057496_7600778_5177769_s CrossFit Games 2011 284905_10150290820237497_601057496_7600780_1735713_s CrossFit Games 2011
185359_10150290820692497_601057496_7600782_3023718_s CrossFit Games 2011 Lis, Tanya Wagner (winner of 2009 CF Games), and me at Denny's of all places Don't ask
Lis 'working'... Really? Again FATTER?! Really? 283922_10150290830292497_601057496_7600828_6729303_s CrossFit Games 2011 Rich's brother
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Location: La La Land

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