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Introducing Patrick... 223390_18665057496_601057496_149177_7802_s The New Family Claire is a rock star.  This was taken about 10 mins after giving birth.
225550_18665067496_601057496_149179_8635_s The New Family 229730_18665072496_601057496_149180_8939_s The New Family 229640_18665077496_601057496_149181_9370_s The New Family
226380_18665082496_601057496_149182_9687_s The New Family 225615_18665087496_601057496_149183_9988_s The New Family 226300_18665092496_601057496_149184_294_s The New Family
224020_18665097496_601057496_149185_636_s The New Family 229345_18665102496_601057496_149186_997_s The New Family 229465_18665107496_601057496_149187_1412_s The New Family
Photos 1 - 12 out of 12 | Back to Albums
Description: Pictures of the NEW family..... Toon. Party of 4! Your table is ready.
Location: Chicago

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