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Balance.. that is the key. I think B is working on his electric slide. 181545_10150115012077497_601057496_6173330_6012180_s Gong He Fat Choy
Karate Chop! C in the background is trying to figure out what the heck his older brothers are doing. It won't be long I'm sure before we see him participating in the Kung Fu. B is all business when it comes to practicing his Kung Fu.
179040_10150115012472497_601057496_6173349_6037815_s Gong He Fat Choy 180535_10150115012557497_601057496_6173354_5415812_s Gong He Fat Choy 180863_10150115012647497_601057496_6173360_5015795_s Gong He Fat Choy
P is out to Kung Fu fight you next. 179386_10150115012962497_601057496_6173372_2876183_s Gong He Fat Choy 180169_10150115013077497_601057496_6173376_2633166_s Gong He Fat Choy
179382_10150115013172497_601057496_6173379_3220368_s Gong He Fat Choy P has his game face on.  I have no idea what B is doing here.  
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Description: Chinese New Year and a little Kung Fu Fighting ;)

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