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On our roof deck in Chicago. Come on... just one kiss...  - North Ave Beach North Ave Beach
Brownie Mix in the tub Brendan having a good time while Liz flips him over. - Summer Concert in Millenium Park Crazy Megs.
s601057496_440606_5120 Summer 07 Brendan and Daddy on the boat. s601057496_440608_1649 Summer 07
Brendan does his best Titanic impression... "Daddy. I'm flying" Brendan claps for Daddy as he tries to catch some little fish at the cottage in Michigan. Brendan and Claire look for rocks by the dock.
The Toon Men in their blue and white striped shirts... and no it wasn't planned. Brendan drinking and driving on Pa and Nana's deck in CT s601057496_440616_8134 Summer 07
Photos 1 - 15 out of 17 | Back to Albums

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