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Look who's 4 26292_398361017496_601057496_3745073_727298_s Bs 4th Birthday When did our first get so big?
T-R-O-U-B-L-E 26292_398361062496_601057496_3745076_7929658_s Bs 4th Birthday 26292_398361097496_601057496_3745077_5611122_s Bs 4th Birthday
This family picture on B's 4th birthday just makes me shake my head.  He's only 4 and has 2 younger brothers. Swim goggles... What 4 year old doesn't like to get that for his birthday? Matching Super B and P Capes that Auntie Sandra made and sent from California.  B's was for his birthday... Patrick's was Auntie Sandra sympathizing with him being the middle child.
Goof-balls 26292_398361142496_601057496_3745082_7956140_s Bs 4th Birthday Time for bed.  Even Super heros need their sleep.
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Description: Small get together for B's 4th birthday.

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