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Some tired pirates from Mystic Seaport. First Kindergarten art project. An alligator, pickle, and scuba diver... don't ask. Mom's gotta have her picture for the 1st day of Kindergarten
Possibly one of best photos from the weekend. I'm pretty sure that girl is going commando Rich doing us proud in the Masters Final WOD. Finishing 5th in the heat and 7th overall. Final Team WOD getting ready to start... Winner take all! Will be on ESPN 3 live at 1 PT
223088_10150291361557497_601057496_7606943_2356442_s Mobile Uploads Good times... With the man himself... Awesome
Rich PRs at 150 lbs. Nice Work Showing some 203 love and a little 'dancing' at Games WOD #1 at Santa Monica Pier... And NO we have not started drinking. 250254_10150290000472497_601057496_7593526_1542923_s Mobile Uploads
262578_10150289935887497_601057496_7592796_7002657_s Mobile Uploads Little disappointed Darsh wasn't waiting with a sign... 264607_10150272988372497_601057496_7432242_3144099_s Mobile Uploads
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