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Starting point of every training ride... our drive way.  It's so nice to have a garage and not have take the bike up and down the stairs/freight elevator. less than 1/8th of a mile from the house.  I just have to cross the main road (I have a traffic light) at the end of my drive and I'm on this road. I see horses now instead of cars and buildings
You can't tell from the picture but this road goes up. I've traded glass on the road for leaves. s601057496_912754_726 Fall Bike Route
s601057496_912755_2366 Fall Bike Route This is not to far from the house.  Our house is actually at one of the higher points in the area.  So coming home is not fun. There are some houses that rival the ones on Sheridan Rd.
s601057496_912756_3545 Fall Bike Route s601057496_912757_4844 Fall Bike Route Trying to give you a sense of the hills in the area.  There are NO flat roads.  I'm either going up are going down... which makes it hard to warm up and to settle into good rhythm.
Some days I miss the flats of Chicago and our one hill on Sheridan Rd. s601057496_912760_8825 Fall Bike Route Entrance to our private driveway.  It's hard to tell from this picture but it goes up.  It's a great F-you at the end of a long ride.
Photos 1 - 15 out of 16 | Back to Albums
Description: Some pictures of my new training ride. I've traded the cars and streets of Chicago for the Trees and back roads of Connecticut.
Location: Middlebury, CT

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