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Claire happy to be almost to our destination after 28 hours of travel. View from our hotel room in Heidelberg Germany Sunrise in Heidelberg Germany
1st hour of our bike trip.  Look at all the energy Claire has. s601057496_821444_2033 Bike Trip 2008 The gang starting out on their journey
Everyone in good spirits. s601057496_821447_8712 Bike Trip 2008 s601057496_821453_178 Bike Trip 2008
s601057496_821454_1581 Bike Trip 2008 Claire displays the turn by turn directions.... there were only about 30 pages for the entire trip. Sarah and Evan take a much needed break.
View from our hotel in Zwingenberg on the 2nd night. Taking a break on our short ferry ride across the river. s601057496_821459_9195 Bike Trip 2008
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Description: 4 Day Bike trip in Germany we did with our old neighbors from Chicago.
Location: Germany

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