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s601057496_1116274_797 Gingerbread The calm before the storm... Naked Gingerbread all ready to go
We learned a valuable lesson about the candy, gingerbread, and decorating.  Candy should not be put in bowls like these and out on the table as a free for all.  Instead only 2-3 pieces (not types) of candy should be put on the table at one time.  Otherwise, more candy goes in the the kids' mouths than on the gingerbread. s601057496_1116277_4608 Gingerbread Sue tells us how it is... and that's that.  Just kidding Sue.
s601057496_1116279_7935 Gingerbread Patrick just takes it all in. s601057496_1116281_1694 Gingerbread
Craig and Madison hard at work. The Grimes all working on their gingerbread. s601057496_1116284_6418 Gingerbread
Brendan tries to find the perfect one to put on his train. s601057496_1116286_8767 Gingerbread I have no idea how Craig got them all to stay like this after all the candy that was eaten.
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Description: We had our neighbors (the Grimes) over for a little Holiday Gingerbread Fun. The trains/house only got partially done but it was about all we could handle on a school night.

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