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Ice Cream Memorial Day Weekend. On the dock at the lake house.  Is there any other way to start summer? 58601_452108567496_601057496_5009147_5165450_s Summer 2010
62255_452108587496_601057496_5009148_3234842_s Summer 2010 60851_452108617496_601057496_5009149_464060_s Summer 2010 I wish we could keep them this age forever
worn out from the Memorial day weekend 47682_452108677496_601057496_5009152_4666659_s Summer 2010 47227_452108702496_601057496_5009153_4483784_s Summer 2010
41243_452108727496_601057496_5009154_2958912_s Summer 2010 Hi Dad!  I'm having a blast! 46722_452108747496_601057496_5009156_2661000_s Summer 2010
41221_452108767496_601057496_5009157_581169_s Summer 2010 41167_452108777496_601057496_5009158_228173_s Summer 2010 60812_452108807496_601057496_5009160_113681_s Summer 2010
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