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Nothing like throwing snow balls at your 2 yr old when his back it turned. Brendan has his snow ball. Are you sure you want me to throw it as hard as I can?
Catch Got It! Note the other snowball markings on the tree from the other snowballs thrown.... If only everyone was as lucky as Brendan to have a father like me.
Yeah Dad... real funny.  Throwing snow balls at someone smaller than half your size. s601057496_1116309_434 Sunday Snow Day quick quick... make your snow ball to throw at me.
That's it Dad.  Keep laughing at me falling face down in the snow.  Great parenting. s601057496_1116312_158 Sunday Snow Day Brendan is trying to run away....
ooops. Yeap Claire.. I got him good. Did Daddy get you in the face with a snow ball?  That's so nice of him.
Photos 1 - 15 out of 17 | Back to Albums
Description: We had our first measurable snow fall this past weekend so Brendan and I had to go out and have a little fun in the yard

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