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My wife gets the boys ready for their 1st mini WOD.  4 rounds of 1 - Driveway Pull (pulling your little brother) and 10 snowflake catches... FOR TIME! 3-2-1 go It was nice of Daddy to plow before Brendan had to do the WOD
Claire demonstrates the snowflake catch.
Note: Good lumbar arch (helps get the head facing the sky so your neck is not doing all the work) and tongue extension Round 2. Brendan to Mommy: "Why is Daddy yelling at me to go faster?"
Brendan: "Patrick you've put on weight." snowflake catch rd 2 ugh.. round 3
Brendan:  "This is not fun anymore" Brendan: "It's hard to open wide and lift your head back on the 3rd round of snowflake catches." Last Round!
Patrick provides Brendan some encouragement on the last Round. Brendan: "@#$%. Patrick.  Your heavy." Patrick does the last round of snowflake cathes as Brendan sits to rest after his 1st min-WOD
Photos 1 - 15 out of 16 | Back to Albums
Description: This is for all my new crossfit friends. I couldn't make in today because I was busy clearing snow. BUT I had my boys (Brendan 2 and Patrick 1) do a mini WOD for me. For all my non-crossfit friends, WOD stands for Workout Of the Day
Location: Crossfit Watertown Annex - Middlebury

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