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I"m guessing I'm not even 1 in this picture but it looks like I'm going to crush my sisters and/or they are going to drop me. Me at 3 yrs old... Brendan will be this old next year.  That's a trip. Me and my sisters.  I think I'm 4, Sandra 8, and Jennifer 11.
Another great sears moment.  I think I'm 5, Sandra 9, and Jen 12. s601057496_1057117_1415 Remember When.... s601057496_1057118_1625 Remember When....
Top photo - Bush Farms in St. Louis (Sandra and Jen background)

Middle photo - Sandra

Bottom photo - Sandra and Jennifer Ha ha ha.. Sorry Jennifer. Oh man... the middle school years is a very awkward stage.
My Father's family.  Can you guess which of the boys is my Dad?

Jocelyn... you don't get to guess. My parents wedding.  My Dad's side. My parents wedding.  My Mom's side.

I can't figure out who's who to tag all my cousins.  I'll leave it up to them to tag themselves.
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Description: I get a good chuckle when I look at old pictures people post (like my cousin Steve has started to do). So, I thought I would post a few myself.

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