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Connor Lum Toon
6 lbs 12 oz
12:45 pm He already feels the need to express himself and give Daddy the finger. Claire very happy to meet Connor
s601057496_2088152_2723878 Connor Toon Grandma and Grandpa s601057496_2088155_3228917 Connor Toon
Connor again feeling the need to express himself. s601057496_2088158_7542808 Connor Toon s601057496_2088159_878975 Connor Toon
Nana holds Connor for the first time Brendan checking out his new baby brother.  He was hoping for a baby sister since he "already has a baby brother" Patrick embraces his new role of big brother and give Connor a kiss.
s601057496_2088164_5571854 Connor Toon Big hug for his new baby brother. s601057496_2088166_4748023 Connor Toon
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Description: Connor's Birthday - 6 lbs 12 oz and 19"

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