Brendan in Bath
This is a conversation that Claire told me took place last night during bath time.  It was between her and my 2.75 yr old.  My wife had her jeans unbuttoned because she is in that stage of her pregnancy where she’s not quite ready for maternity clothes.

Brendan (points to Claire’s unbuttoned jeans):  Mommy.  What’s that?

Claire: That’s my belly where the baby is growing.

Brendan: Where is your penis?

Claire: I’m a girl and girls do not have a penis.

Brendan:  Boys have a penis.

Claire:  That’s right.  Boys have a penis.

Brendan:  And Daddies too?

Claire (trying not to laugh): Yes, and Daddies too.

Now that Brendan is old enough to communcate and express how he is feeling, it has been so fun to see the World through a child’s eye.  Everything is so simple. If our third child is a girl, I better be ready to explain to Brendan.

One Response to “And Daddies too?”

  1. Sandra says:

    Randy and I had a good laugh about this little story!