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This one wasn't too bad but was having issues with the flash. First B starts P joins in
C is finally smiling but now the other 2 are goof'n off. C is had enough of those 2 jokers Where's C?  Oh. He wants to be held by Mommy.
Let's hug it out.  We can plan what we are going to do next to make this photo session last longer. C just looks down right piss'd off.  Like he is going to kill someone. Dance party.... well at least for P.
C is so not amused by all of this. Someone needs a nap. I think B's ears were starting to hurt from the screaming.
Let's try one without your screaming brother. Everyone is happy again. Ok... someone is gettng tired.
Photos 1 - 15 out of 19 | Back to Albums
Description: Some of the pictures that didn't make the cut for our holiday cards this year. I don't know what they did before digital photos.

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