Brendan lost something on Sunday. It was something he was very attached to but I don’t think he was that sad to see it go. He finally lost his umbilical cord stump. I say finally because (from what we read on the web) most babies lose theirs within the first 2 weeks. Claire and I were afraid he was already developing attachment issues which would make it impossible for us to get a babysitter and have a night to ourselves. We first noticed it fell off on Sunday morning but it was nowhere to be found in his diaper or outfit. We found it later on the glider in the nursery. It must have come off in the middle of the night when Claire was burping or feeding him.

Now, the question is to save the stump or throw it away. Weird… Gross… a little of both. Before, I was dead set on just throwing it away. But now I think I might keep it around. Who has attachment issues now?

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