We went to the doctor’s office today for a checkup and it turns out Brendan is shrinking. Brendan measured 19.5″ long after he was born. Three days later we went back to the hospital for a checkup (had to go back so soon because we didn’t stay in the hospital the recommended 48 hours after birth) and he measured 21″ long. Today, he measured 20″ long. Our doctor just giggled when he saw the chart. “This is a very exact science of measuring the length of a baby.” he told us with a grin. It turns out that Brendan is doing well. He has gained a pound since his last visit a week ago which made Claire very happy. She dreaded that he would weigh the same after she has been feeding him about every 2-3 hours. The only thing that our doctor showed a little concern about was his jaundice. We talked him out of sending Brendan for blood work. Hearing him cry while giving blood probably hurts Claire and I more than it hurts him. We just have to let him know if the jaundice gets any worse. That’s all on the baby front. Bye for now.

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