The Rehearsal and Rehearsal DinnerBy the looks of things at the rehearsal, it looked as if the weather was going to be perfect.  The sun was out and the flowers smelled great.  We rehearsed the ceremony outside once all of the wedding party arrived. 

Lee and Anna (parents of the groom) drove up from Long Island that morning and arrived on time.  Candy (mother of the bride) and Claire made it on time.  Meg driving down from southern Mass and Chris driving from Boston also manage to get to the Glen when they were supposed to.   If you asked any of the grooms men who would show up on time, Chris would have been the long shot.  At 2:00, the count stood at: 1 of 2 required persons (no groom), 3 of 4 parents, 1 of 5 bridesmaids (no maid of honor), and 1 of 5 groomsmen (no best man).  Everyone else was late. Things were getting off to a great start.

Greg and Bill (father of the bride) were late getting back from picking up tux adjustments.  Jason was late due to flight arrangements.  In his defense, he had no control over the airlines.  The car carrying Jennifer, Sandra, and Jill coming from Boston had to make a non-scheduled stop to pick up Liz.  Liz’s car broke down on the way to Newport and thankfully they were able to pick her up.  So, I guess that means that car was off the hook for being late.  Nicole was late (no excuses… just late).  But to nobody’s surprise, Jacob (best man) got lost and had Dean with him and was the last to arrive.  It would be one thing to say he got lost coming from New York but he was already in Newport at Navy Base.  It took him 1 hour to go 5 miles.  However, at least he made it.  Brian got ’stuck in traffic’ (we’ve all heard that one before) leaving NYC and didn’t get to Newport until 3:30 pm.   

After the rehearsal, it was time to check into hotels and get ready for the rehearsal dinner at Aidan’s in Newport.  Aidan’s is an Irish pub in downtown Newport that was a favorite place for Greg and Claire.  After Aidan’s, the wedding party went to the Garden in downtown Newport to hang out and catch up.  We shot some pool, the bridesmaids behaved themselves, the groomsmen did shots (thanks Jason), Chris lost his car, and Dean got a bruise on his forehead.  Good times… good times… See the Rehearsal Pictures.

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