Buddha SoapI tried my best to convince Buddha that it would be really cool to have his birthday on St. Patrick’s Day, but apparently he didn’t buy that argument because I’m still pregnant. I guess he’s more Asian than Irish. My classmates even have a pool going to predict when he’ll be born. For the past week when I walk into school in the morning, at least one person will say, “Damn, you’re still pregnant. I’m out of the pool” and about 20 others will ask me to hold off till a certain date to be closer to the date and time they predicted. Sorry, guys, but when he’s ready, I’m ready.

In any event, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we had some neighbors over for appetizers and drinks last night. It’s probably the last time for quite a while that we’ll be hosting anything, so it was nice to have people over. Hopefully now the neighbors will be a little more understanding in the next few months when our little bundle of joy is letting the entire building know he’s hungry at 3am.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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