At the appointment for the external version, an ultrasound was done before they started anything. We were relived to discover that during the night Buddha had moved head down. Yippee. Either he likes ice cream or we put the fear of God into him to turn. Our midwife was very curious on what we did to make him turn. I’m not sure if was anything that we did or he just decided it was time but here are 2 things we tried…

  • frozen peas on the top of Claire stomach while she elevated her pelvis
  • I talked to him but at the lower middle part of her belly instead of the side when I lay next to Claire in bed at night. I said things like… “If you don’t turn this way, your going to be grounded until your 2. Stop giving Mommy a hard time. No more ice cream for you unless you turn.” etc. Can you tell what kind of parent I am going to be? :-)

If you ask my Mother-In-Law, she will swear it was the talking to that she gave Buddha via a cell phone to tummy call that made him turn.
Now, that he is head down we are afraid that he’s going to turn back to being transverse. The doctors and midwife said that it’s very unusual for that to happen but we are worried none the less. So now, if I talk to him by speaking directly and close to Claire’s belly, it will never be on the side like before. It will always be to the lower middle of her belly. I’m not taking any chances. If this is the only drama we have for this pregnancy, that will be fine with me.

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