Buddha’s really done it this time. So bad, that mommy has sworn to give up ice cream to punish him. That’s saying something when a pregnant women denies herself ice cream to punish her unborn child! Yesterday afternoon in our routine (now weekly) visits to the doctor, we discovered that Buddha was transverse (sideways in the womb). At this stage in the game, this is not good. The baby should be head down. If Buddha stays transverse, he will have to be delivered via c-section no questions asked. You don’t have to be a doctor to realized the difficulties of delivering a baby sideways and not head first. I’ve learned throughout the pregnancy that the human body especially a woman’s body is a amazing thing but this would be a very tall order. We have been told he was head down in previous visits but he must have moved for whatever reason. Our midwife scheduled us to come in first thing this morning to have an external version. This procedure involves the doctor moving the baby manually/externally while using an ultrasound to guide the movements. There is a very small chance that this could cause a great amount of distress to the baby which would then dictate an immediate c-section. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. I’ll post another update later tonight to let you all know how the procedure went.

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