Yes, as crazy as it seems, Baby Buddha is scheduled to make his debut in seven weeks. My girlfriends Kiley and Jennifer threw an awesome baby shower (click for pictures) last weekend, complete with brunch and mimosas. After three baby showers, we have enough onesies, blankets, and burp cloths to last us for quite a while…or at least I hope we do. I’m starting to get the impression that when it comes to baby gear, you can never have too many of anything.

Greg and I have been taking Bradley classes for the past few weeks. Bradley advocates natural, husband coached childbirth. They stress that birth is a natural biological process that should rarely warrant medical intervention. My philosohphy is really closesly matched with Bradley- I figured that women have been having babies for thousands of years without pain medication, episiotomies, or even doctors so hopefully I’ll be able to do it too. Greg and I are both learning an unbelieveable amount about the birth process (in some cases more maybe than we wanted to know) but its incredibly empowering to understand what will be happening during Buddha’s birth and to connect with other couples that will be having babies at the same time that we are.

Buddha continues to get bigger every day; he’s started kicking me in the ribs which I really appreciate. Check out all of the latest belly picks to see how big our little boy is getting.

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