Greg has seriously slacked on the blogging front, so I thought I’d jump in and give an update. Tomorrow starts week 31 of the pregnancy; not long to go now! We are nearly finished with the nursery. The rocker and crib came in last week and the only piece missing is the rug that Greg’s parents are driving out after junior makes his appearance.

We are no closer to having a proper name for Buddha. Greg has a favorite and I have a favorite and so far neither of us have been able to persuade the other to change their mind. Our current strategy is to spend a week calling the baby one name or the other in hopes that it will grow on us, but we’re still at a stalemate. I have visions of my poor baby going to kindergarten as Buddha Toon.

Unfortunately there aren’t any new pics available at the moment; we have some updated belly pics and pics from Christmas, so hopefully I can talk the webmaster into posting those soon. Hope everyone is doing well.


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