Greg and Stroller Our first major pieces of baby equipment came last week. I started to put them together, scratched my head, cursed a little bit at the directions, and then continued. No wonder they tell you to figure out the car seat before you go to the hospital. We got the stroller and car seat working with each other. I should say INFANT car seat because I am finding out everything you buy for a baby needs to be replaced 6 months to a year later. I thought the wedding business was a money maker. It doesn’t come close to the baby business. I am very impressed with the Zippy and how well it fits with the Graco car seat. For those of you who have not looked at baby stuff before, just ignore the last sentence. Claire practiced strapping Lamby (childhood stuffed animal) into the car seat and I practiced doing 360’s with Lamby in the stroller. Good thing Lamby has a strong stomach.

According to the baby calendar my Mom got us, Buddha is due in 98 days. Gee, that seems soon. Claire is in the 25th week of her pregnancy this week. Click here to see all the belly pictures.

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