Busy Saturday for the Toons….

The day started by attending a Baptism at Old St. Patrick’s for Ava Grace (the daughter of Claire’s friend Nicole from high school). It was our first time in Old St. Pat’s. I was taken back when we first entered the church. There was a strong Celtic theme throughout the church. I was expecting something very traditional for a church that old but it was still very beautiful. Not being Catholic or very religious at all, I still found the Baptism very interesting. A lot of history of Old St. Patrick’s, the significance of a Baptism, and why things were done were explained. I found it all very interesting. However, not interesting enough to start going to Church every Sunday.

DSCF0069.thumb Baptism, Dinner, and a MovieAll afternoon was spent on the rooftop deck smoking ribs. It was hotter than HELL (keeping with the religious theme… hehehe) and humid. We have a dinner club with two other couples in our building that meets about once a month. Being our turn to host and pick a theme, we went with a Grill Picnic on the roof. I was a little worried when I was smoking the ribs that it was going to be too hot and humid to be outside for dinner club. But by 7:00, it had cooled down nicely and turned out to be a beautiful night. How did the ribs turn out? Thanks for asking… My ribs turned out better than I was expecting for my first crack at using a rub and smoking them. However, Tim stole my thunder.. lol. He had a great idea of watching a movie outside on the rooftop deck. He brought his projector, laptop, and a sheet for a screen. Not only were we able to watch Pirates of the Caribbean but anyone riding the El train on the Blue Line could watch as well. I think we will be watching a few more movies on the rooftop deck before the summer is over. Click here to see the rest of the dinner club pictures.

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