Yes folks, it’s true. BU lost to BC in the Beanpot finals last night in OT. It’s a sad sad day when BU loses the BU Invitational. For those of you that didn’t go to school in Boston, you’ll have no idea what I am talking about. The Beanpot Hockey Tourney (sometimes called the BU Invitational) is held every year at the Fleet Center in the first 2 Mondays in Feb. The same four schools (Boston Univ., Harvard, Northeastern, and Boston College) play every year for bragg’n rights in Boston. Here are a little Beanpot facts for all the BU and BC fans out there to put this loss in perspective…

- BC get over yourselves. This is only your 2nd Beanpot in the last 10 years. BU has won the rest in the last ten years. BU has won 25 of the 52 Beanpot Tournaments held.

- This year was BU’s 20th time in the finals in the last 21 years.

And the list goes on… Until another school can win more then a fluke Beanpot here and there, it will still be called the BU Invitational.

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