Here it is. In all it’s unfinished glory (tweaks will be made in the next few weeks but nothing major). 3.0. The site has been long overdue for an upgrade and I hope everyone likes it. Of course, a fancy new look is no good if I don’t post anything on a regular basis. When I looked back at how many posts I had in 2008, it was just sad. In 2009, my goal is to post at least 3 times a week. I’m on the computer enough and anyone who knows me will nod their head with the next statement… I always have an opinion and will talk about it even if you don’t want to hear it. Up until this point, Toon-Time has been focused on keeping the extended family up to date on what we were up to since we were in Chicago. Now that we are back on the East Coast, we see everyone more often. The site will probably evolve into more of a place for me to express my opinions. However, there will still be more then enough family updates.

Some things to check out in v3.0:

  • Photos section is updated. The post come directly out of my facebook albums (I am a Facebook junkie). You can also still view the old photos prior to Summer of 2008 by clicking the link in the photos section.
  • Status will be updated from my Facebook Status (again… Facebook junkie).
  • Comments sections will be left on for everyone to add their to cents to my posts and tell me that I am dead wrong.
  • Old posts can be found by clicking on the link at the top of the page called ‘Old Posts’. It’s displayed in a cool format which your either going to love or hate.
  • Picture in the upper right of the page will change every time you visit or refresh the site.

2008 is wrapping up and 2009 is just around the corner.  I hope you’ll continue to visit next year.

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