On Sunday, we met up with Kris again, spent the day at Greenwich Market, and Kris made dinner for us. It was OK but too many people for me. I am not a big fan of big crowds. I like my personal space and people not to invade it.

Today was a rest day. We didn’t want to do anything real intense so we decided to go to Wimbledon and go to the museum. It was just the pace we wanted the only bad thing was the weather. Rain? what else in London.

We got back to Sally’s early and watched TV and relaxed. We can’t believe how much Bush is in the news over here. With him coming to London Tuesday night through Thursday for the State visit, he is on non-stop. He gets more coverage over here then in the States. A lot of people in the UK don’t like him and they are expecting huge protests while he visits. I just hope GW’s visit doesn’t affect our vacation.

Click Here to see the photos from our trip London.

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