We spent the day with Sally’s friend Ian from University. He is also in the TV industry and lives outside of London near Leeds Castle. Leeds Castle is one of those picture perfect castles with the moat around it. It was not as big as the other ones we have visited but stunning none the less. One of the neat things about Leeds was that it had one of those garden mazes that lead to a grotto in the center. Inside the grotto, they had a huge face built out of stone with a little water fall coming out of it’s mouth. They also had other things like dragon mosaics made out of shells. It was quite impressive.

After Leeds Castle, we went back to Ian’s place to watch Pop Idols. Pop Idols is where we got American Idols from. Sally, Ian, and most of the UK love that show over there. It was funny to watch the judges and not have Simon the only one with an English accent. Once Pop Idols was over it was off to the local pub, Pizza Express for dinner, and then catch the train back to London.

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