Today’s trip was Windsor Castle, the weekend retreat of the Royals. We started out from Paddington Station which brought back memories of our engagement. That was the same station we left from to go to Warrick Castle. It was neat to see a castle that is still in use and the queen stays at over the weekend. Most of the castles we visit are now just big museums. They showed video clips of what the rooms we were standing in look like when they are used for Royal events. One of the most impressive things we saw was a doll house that was a gift to one of the Royals. Everything in the doll house was real just smaller. It had running water, electric lights, and even real wine in the wine cellar.

After we were done exploring Windsor Castle, we headed back to London to meet up with Claire’s friend Kris. She (just like Sally) is a friend from the summer camp that Claire worked at for five summers. After dinner and a lot of drinks, we found our way back on the tube to Sally’s.

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