I have not had a new entry for a long time. It has been a combination of pure laziness and being busy. There are two big things going on right now. First, Claire and I are going to London for 9 days tomorrow. Second, the big screen TV has been on the injured reserve list for over a month and a half now.

London - We have decided to go back to London for a few days. And before anybody asks… No, this is not our honeymoon. We found cheap tickets on American and were able to use our upgrades. We are thinking about this trip as a 1 year engagement anniversary. A year ago this time, I was proposing to Claire and England and we thought it would be fun to go back. We are also excited to stay and visit with friends we have over there.

Big Screen Dilemma… Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Bad News… The TV has been out of commission for over a month and a half now. For those of you who know me well, this is a fate almost worse than death. I was watching it one day and it just turned off. The power light was blinking but I could not get the picture to show up. The best buy repair man came out three times and could not fix the thing. They finally agreed to replace it. Not bad… it only took them a total of 12 weeks to get me a replacement! That’s sarcasm in my voice in case you can’t tell.

Good News - Thank you Best Buy Extended Warranty Program! If I didn’t have that, I would have been screwed but instead I am getting a replacement TV. The best part is that I can choose any TV I want that is the same amount or more as the original. I would just have to make up any difference in price. I originally went to BB with a 65″ in mind. Since I originally bought my 57″ last year, the prices have gone down a bit. However, BB didn’t have it in stock so I instead upgraded the quality of the TV instead of the size. When I say quality, I am talking about the model not the brand. I went with the Toshiba again but this time I got the built in HDTV tuner in the TV. It also has some other nice additional features. I am so tired of squinting to read the TIVO and on screen TV guide. The new TV is going to be delivered the Friday after we get back from London. I can’t wait!

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