Claire and Greg at Niagara Falls

On our way back from Claire’s Parent’s house in CT this weekend, we stopped at Niagara Falls upon recommendation from her father. It added about 2-3 hours on our drive but was well worth it. It also made us stop half way through our trip which we usually don’t do. We left Claire’s Parent’s house around 9:00 am and took the scenic route thru the Berkshire. Very nice drive and got there around 3:30 pm.

Niagara was beautiful and the power of the falls was unbelievable. We only stayed on the US side and only could imagine how beautiful the falls were from the Canadian side. For those who have not been to Niagara or don’t know, all the falls are on the US side with the exception of horseshoe falls which is on both. We didn’t do any of the fun stuff like go down to the bottom of the falls and feel the mist (Raincoats) and go to the observation tower. We were happy just to walk around (especially after all the driving) and enjoy the beautiful weather. We’ll save the fun stuff for another time. We saw pictures of the falls in the winter and it looks spectacular but cold. We’ll have to wait and see about that one. Here are some of the other pictures…

Claire in front of Horseshoe Falls, Greg in front of Falls, Niagara Falls, Horseshoe Falls

We are back in Chicago now and it’s great to be back home. It was weird to be away for so long since we have not traveled that much for work this year. But we are only back home for a few days. We are going to a wedding this weekend in Kansas City, MO. Kevin’s wedding should be fun but we’ll be glad to be home the following weekend. Hope the weather is as nice as it’s here in Chicago wherever you are. Talk to you later.

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