I can’t say enough how much “I HATE DIAL UP!”. You don’t know how much you miss a high speed connection till you don’t have one. I have to find a way to get broadband for my parent’s house. Verizon for some reason doesn’t offer it in there area. I checked on DSLreports.com and it says they are close enough to the CO. They live on Long Island in a populated area… what’s the deal? Not only is it slow but you can’t share the connection either or wirless. And the list goes on. I am done venting now

I’m at my parent’s house today after we drove to NY from Chicago. We got in the new car around 5:30 am and arrived at my parents in Long Island at 9:30 pm. The trip seamed longer than the last time we drove out east but I think it’s because we hit some bad traffic going through the NY City to get to my parents. We tried to take pictures of all the ‘Welcome to (State)’ signs but only managed to get two of them. Ohio and Pennsylvania. It’s harder than you would think to take a picture of sign while moving in a car.

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