Claire’s sister flew into town today for a few days and couldn’t have picked a nicer weekend then this. The weather was great today and is supposed to be tomorrow as well. We drove the new car (don’t have a name for it yet. e-mail us any suggestions for names) to pick up Jill and had a blast. It’s great to have to radio (Green Monster’s was stolen twice), sunroof, and the new car smell. In the afternoon, we went to the BU Alumni Beach Volleyball event at North Ave beach. It’s been ages since any of us played volleyball and it showed but we had a good time anyways. We met Sarah and Todd there but also made some new friends. Sarah was there because she went to BU at the same time I was there. However, we didn’t know each other while at BU. Claire went to Westover (high school) with Sarah. Small World. We’re finding that BU Alumni events are a great place to meet new friends in Chicago. After volleyball, we went to Louie’s in the Park and had some drinks and food with Sarah, Todd, Sabrina, and some people we just met at volleyball. We liked all the people we meet playing volleyball that we invited people to hang out at our place later that evening if they wanted to. Almost, all the people showed up (after going home to shower, clean up, and relax) and we had a great time having everyone over.

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