airshow8_small2 Wow those planes are close!
Today, was another great Chicago summer day. Ryan invited us to go Spartini for the day and watch the Air Show. He also said we could invite our other friends Sarah and Todd. Ryan’s the most generous guy I know when it comes to the boat. You couldn’t ask for a better friend. Ryan is teaching me more and more about sailing every time we go out. I think his goal is to have me competent enough to turn the boat around if he falls overboard or to get back to shore if something happens to him. lol It was great to spend all day on the lake and have to planes fly over your head. The best part was when the F-15s did their 4-5 Gs turns right over our head with the afterburners going. Being on the sailboat allows you to not have to deal with the North Ave Beach crowds and you can take a swim without 15 million other people right on top of you. More pictures… Ryan, Anne, and Susan, Sarah and Todd, Claire, Greg, Thunderbirds with Skyline in Background.

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