roadtrip_small1 Road Trip
This past weekend we drove back to the east coast to pick up all our wedding/shower gifts that we left there. We rented an SUV on Thursday and drove through the night to get CT around 10 am. I can’t tell you how tired we were. Our first stop was at my cousin’s Sheri’s in Greenwich to meet my parents. They drove up from Long Island that morning so we would not have to drive out of our way to get the gifts that were at their house. It was great to see them and Sheri and her two kids (Alexandra and Marcus). We stayed and had lunch with Sheri when she came home from work for lunch. We were then off to Claire’s parents house in CT. There house was another 1.5 hours and we couldn’t wait to get their to be done with driving for awhile. I only say awhile because on Sunday morning we turned around and left Claire’s parents to drive back to Chicago with all our gifts.

I still can’t believe all the gifts we got. Thanks Everyone! Driving back was a lot easier because we did it during the day. We got back to Chicago about 10 pm. The trip was about 900 miles and about 14 hours of driving each way.

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