Just a quick update and some pictures for everyone. It’s way too easy to update my facebook page with pictures directly from iPhoto then to post them here on the website. So…. Below are the public links to them.

Brendan’s vocabulary is exploding. We also now have to watch what we say around him because he hears all and repeats most of it. Lately he’s been requesting Bob Marley by name in the car and knows the name of a few songs. “No Whining No Crying”.. aka No Women, No Cry is at the top of his request list. He also likes No Worry (Three Little Birds) and One Lub (One Love).

Patrick is growing like a weed and Claire and I wish we could stop time with him. He has all but given up baby food and wants only real food. It helps now that he has 2 bottom teeth and the top front 2 are just coming in. Last weekend, he took his first steps. He’s officially in the squirming phase where it’s hard to hold, feed, and change his diaper.

Photos from town carnival

Photos from weekend at my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Hamptons

Photos from weekend in New Hampshire at Claire’s Uncle’s Wedding

Photos from the Horse Track outside of Chicago

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