Potty Training and Black EyesAgain, it’s been awhile since there has been an entry on the site. I have no excuses except for work has been very busy and the 2 boys are keeping us tired. I used to think that we went to sleep early because we couldn’t make it past 10:30 pm. Now, it seems I can’t make it past 10:00 or even 9:30 some nights. Here’s the latest happenings in Chicago.

 Potty Training and Black EyesIT’S FREEZING! Poor Brendan is trapped inside all day at daycare are and at home. We try to get him outside when it’s possible but on days like today (single digit temps) there is no way. We’re lucky if he doesn’t get frost bite just from the house to the car to daycare. We’ve started the process of TRYING to Potty Train. It’s going very very slow. He’s a little young and don’t want to push too hard. From the pictures above, we’re still trying to get him to also read the paper while sitting on the potty and not while we are changing his diaper. B is loving daycare and all his new friends. Pablo is one of his pals from daycare and we must hear his name about 50 times a day on the weekends. Pablo’s Mom also said that she hears Brendan’s name at their house on the weekend but it’s only when Pablo has gotten into trouble and he’s trying to blame it on Brendan. Ha… True friendship. The last bit of B news is that yesterday morning he crawled out of his crib. He has a small shiner to prove it. I guess it’s time to move Patrick into the crib and Brendan into a toddler bed.

Brendan Patrick PlaySpeaking of Patrick. He’s doing great. I think he’s looking more and more like Brendan but Claire thinks not so much. We’re very blessed that he has the same cheerful big smile personality that Brendan has. We’re working on getting him on more of a sleep schedule during the day and going a little longer at night. Right now, he usually wakes up once during the night which is not too bad. He’s rolled over a few times already and is starting to realize that he controls those two things (hands) that flop around in front of him and land in his mouth occasionally.

Brendan MomClaire is busy with school and can’t wait to be done. She truly amazes me everyday that she juggles everything well (being a great Mom, school, and putting up with me) and on limited sleep. The next few months are going to be crazy as we get ready to move back East to be closer to friends and family. New pictures are posted in the photos section and I’m going to try to put up .mov or .avi files of the YouTube videos. I know some can’t view the YouTube stuff because it’s blocked at work. Well, back to work for me. Bye for now.

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