It was a great weekend here in Chicago. The weather was absolutely perfect. FINALLY! Most of the weekend has been spent working on the Website. I am getting a lot of pressure to get it done so people can see more wedding photos.

On Saturday, we had a great time at Sara’s birthday party and meet some new people. At the party, we were introduced as the newlyweds who just got married two weeks ago. It seems like the wedding was months ago. Now, everyone asks about the honeymoon. Before, it was date of the wedding. It’s a vicious cycle. I am sure it won’t be too long before the kids question gets asked. I am getting used to wearing my wedding ring. For the first time on Saturday, I was looking for it to put on after getting out of the shower. After a few minutes of looking for it, I realized it was on my hand. That’s the latest. Talk to you all later.

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