ultrasoundWe had an ultrasound today for Baby Zen and were thrown a little curve ball. Have you figured out what’s wrong with the ultrasound picture we posted yet? If not, I’ll give you a hint… Baby Zen will be wearing a lot more blue then pink growing up. That’s right. As most of you know, we wanted to be surprised with the sex of our baby. However, we accidently found out the sex of the baby during our last ultrasound. We still got surprised! Today, I was joking with the ultrasound tech and asked… “There is still only 1 girl in there?” The tech responded with a sort of soft “ummm no” For a split second, I thought the tech was being cheeky. Then the tech said.. “See this big circle? That is one of the testicles.” Claire and I were in shock and could do nothing but laugh. Well, I guess we sort of got surprised about the sex of our baby.

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