Growing UpEvery day our little boy shows signs of growing up. He has all but rejected baby food and insists on taste testing whatever Mom and Dad happen to be eating. He has learned that he can CLIMB and has taken his exploration to another level- literally. I have actually found him standing atop the dining room table, looking quite pleased with himself. The coolest new devlopment is that Brendan is actually showing signs that he comprehends what we’re saying. He’s beginning to follow simple directions, albeit with some selective hearing, and communicate with us. One night this week I was singing to him while getting him ready for bed. He looked at me and began doing the hand motions for the Itsy Bitsy Spider. I was amazed on two fronts 1)that he remembered the song and the appropriate hand motions and 2) that he was requesting that I continue singing. Every single day he seems to learn something new that brings him further from being a baby and closer to being a little boy.

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