BI wish I could take B the way he is now and bottle him up. Keep him this age forever. I’m having the time of my life with B. He’s got his own personality. We’re buddies. We hang out. We watch a little ESPN, the Chicago BEARS, wrestle, and all that other good stuff that Dad’s do with a son his age. I’m sure once the weather gets nicer we’ll go cruise the Lake Front for chicks too. Well, B will cruise and I’ll be his wing man and push his stroller. Even though he can’t talk yet, B still communicates with smiles, giggles, hands clapping in excitement, grunts, and the many different types of cries, screams, and whines. The only four letter words out his mouth right now are Mama and Dada. I’m sure the other four letter words will be flying out of his mouth before we know it. This sort of thing is the reason I wish I could prevent him from growing up. B’s also getting better at walking every day. However, he still sometimes walks like a drunken sailor and will take a good plop on his bottom. I love watching him try to figure out everything and comprehend the World around him. I don’t think it could get any better then it is right now.

There are some things that are not great about B at this stage in his life. But the good far out way the bad. Just so you know that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine at the Toon household, I’ve listed some of the not so great things below:

- B wakes up at 5:00 am every morning. He has not learned that weekends are for sleeping in.
- Stinky diapers. Now that he eats more solids and meats, trash must be taken out every other day. NO EXCEPTIONS!
- He can’t just tell us what the problem is. Instead he just gets very frustrated with us until we can figure it out.
- Heavy… I never realized how heavy 22 lbs is after holding him for 20 min.
- Everything goes into the mouth… brick walls, remotes, clothes, shoes… you get the picture.

Other than that, there is nothing really new to report with the Toon household. It’s pretty much business as usual for us. I’ve finally gotten around to posting pictures from Christmas and some from January. Click on “Photos” link in the menu bar at the top or click here.

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