Image Title I came across this product the other day and can’t imagine who buys one of these for their child. Maybe I’m a little old school. I had one of those fathers who said “Let him touch the hot stove. He won’t do it again.” when I was growning up. I can understand not wanting your kid to knock their noggin but kids are kids in my opinion. They need to experience different things and learn there are certain consequences for specfic actions (like head-butting the coffee table). I’m sure I knocked my noggin a few times while I was growing up and I turned out OK. I know, OK is relative…. It’s similar to the theory that kids need germs around while growing up to build up antibodies. Who hasn’t eaten dirt when they were little? My other complaint with this product is that it looks like an upside down diaper on your kids head. If you want a helmet for your kid, just give them a plastic bowl to wear on their head. :-) That’s what we do.

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