Our Little PumpkinThe weather in Chicago was sunny and in the upper 70’s today. We decided to take advantage of it and headed out to Kuipers Family Farm about an hour outside of Chicago. We were excited to have Little B experience getting some fresh apples, cider, and visiting a pumpkin patch for the first time. When we arrived and saw the parking lot, we realized that everyone else in Chicago had the same idea. The line to buy and pick apples was crazy. Although Claire was a little disappointed we didn’t get any apples, we still had a great time. You can see the pictures from our day here.

I’ve also put some videos up on the web for everyone to download too. They can be found in this directory and you can view/save them by right clicking on the file and choosing save as. Some of the videos are him in a swing, him laughing (very large file), B laughing (smaller file), and him sneezing (one of my favorite). I’ll probably look to put them up on youtube in the future. Stay tooned…. I know. That was bad.

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