Faces of BLike any adult walking around in the World today, B has about a thousand different looks at four months old. Thank God for digital cameras. We are not trying to document everyone of them but find that have captured a lot of them digitaly. In actuality, we are only trying to capture the cute ones. This sounds a lot easier than it is. I don’t have any idea how parents captured cute pictures of babies before there were digital cameras. Maybe this explains why there are so few baby pictures of me. Nope… I’m pretty sure it’s because I was a third child. For every 10 to 15 pictures we take, there is 1 photo that is worth keeping. Don’t get me wrong… We keep all of them :-). You never know when they might be worth something someday. Either as blackmail or to sell to the tabloids when he becomes famous. For now, I’m finding that the pictures tell a nice story when put all together. This is just one example. I’m going to start posting more of these in the future.

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