Ava and BrendanWe’ve discovered that B is very vain. He loves to look at himself in the mirror. He would probably do it most of the day if he could stand on his own. It’s cute to see him react to his own facial expressions. You can also tell he gets confused a little to hear Mommy or Daddy’s voice come from behind him yet he sees us right in front of him. From what we read, most babies/toddlers love other babies. Ever notice how little children will almost always look in other strollers? I wonder if those coos and gagas we hear is a universal language that they understand. Probably not as complex as in the movie Look Who’s Talking… :-). More evidence are these pictures that were taken a few weeks ago when Nicole came over with Ava (about one year older than B). You can click the picture to see a larger version. It was amazing to see how she looked and interacted with B. Any who, I guess we’ll keep putting B in front of the mirror because he seems to like it. I guess everyone will blame us he falls in love with himself.
New photos are also posted here in the 4th month gallery.

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