B HospitalWell as most of you know, Brendan was hospitalized two weekends ago. This week we went in for his 2 month checkup and shots. They gave us the results of all the tests they took and basically don’t know what happened. As of late, he has been a little more fussy than normal and constantly wants to be held. At first, we thought this was because of all the trauma he has been through with the hospital visits, getting shots, and blood being drawn. With no real answers, we turned to the internet. Even with the vast knowledge of the internet, it was hard to narrow it down to something. Earlier this week, Claire was talking to her Mom who had explained our situation to one of her friends (Lisa) who has kids of her own. Lisa had said the same thing happend with her kids and knew exactly what it was. She is not a doctor but diagnosed him with HoldMyAssitis. She said it was nothing serious but could develop into something very serious and contagious… PainInOurAssitis. Claire and I are happy to know what is wrong with Brendan and glad that it should go away on it’s own with no medical treatment. Thanks Lisa for helping us diagnose Brendan.

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