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Guinness Bar ~ Dublin s601057496_1698877_4700674 Profile Pictures 20077_314188342496_601057496_3428634_5761874_s Profile Pictures
20077_288595912496_601057496_3343617_5933455_s Profile Pictures 20077_286914697496_601057496_3337779_248016_s Profile Pictures 22777_278825792496_601057496_3305269_4086713_s Profile Pictures
Me and B at Frozen Fenway Jan 2010.  BU WINS! 11439_220984787496_601057496_3044163_6607394_s Profile Pictures 6611_118440982496_601057496_2088236_1664343_s Profile Pictures
5651_128023057496_601057496_2230439_3681606_s Profile Pictures C in the Hamptons only a couple of weeks old Happy B day C
photo credit: CrossFit Chicago... s601057496_1213675_739 Profile Pictures s601057496_1313594_8711 Profile Pictures
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